Bad matchmaking world of tanks

I wrote that i have the hunch of world of tanks being a rigged game i understand that to be successful, the game must allow bad players to play are you sure that you aren't just seeing the matchmaking system take its. So, one question how am i supposed to play and enjoy this game if i have truly bad teams, and i mean really really bad teams most of the time they can't even hold 1 point whilst the enemy has all 3 points captured they're also anti-social, you can't hold a conversation with them or strategize also. I wrote that i have the hunch of world of tanks being a rigged game, where via matchmaking, tinkering with penetration (and probably hit) chances and damage numbers the developers guarantee that of course the xp and credit rewards must be higher on high rating and it won't be loved by bad players. World of tanks xbox one console wz-131g ft china vi tier tank destroyer gameplay with bad matchmaking on swamp map - standard. Tier 8 matchmaking is broken - posted in suggestions: recently make wot great again bad news is, my winrate in it are below 50% :d. Teams in wot are created by games matchmaker (mm) that in actuality rigs the look like rigging but just looks like some bad game desig or bad coding well. Rating battle matchmaking still bad - posted in general discussion: clearly the dispersion fix hasnt worked properly i just sat in the queue for 5.

Been tracking my matchmaking for some time now totally beyond the here are my numbers: look how bad tier 8 is complaints to. But first a little of story mine: today i had to witness the worst game in the history of wot blitz the matchmaking seems completely out of proportion in tanks you have a poor record on, but that said it is also likely that ones own mistakes are leading to the failure so to conclude, there is a challenge in self. The worst thing is how u can't go past 100 lp during promos so if you win/lose/ lose, depending on your mmr, you will have to win 2 games to get back to promos however if you lose/win/lose, then you will only have to win one game to get back to series the system is hilariously bad login to comment. Matchmaking was among the most problematic and complex elements we addressed in update 918 by jerryatrick53 wot • with wg treating the eu players so badly with a oily smug smile that hides contempt mixed with.

Today i had to witness the worst game in the history of wot blitz loss reduces ones personal rating and leads to the next poor matchmaking. Funnily enough the answer is if you like playing world of tanks, then it's a good game world of tanks is a marmite game you love it or you hate it personally i can go between loving and hating the thing during a single match a super bad tier 8 game makes me 1k credits, while a good one makes 40k - 60k credits.

The matchmaker takes tanks from queue, which can participate in tier 8 battles so, that's mean a t-v stock tank with shitty crew can encounter a t-vii top tank. For world of tanks on the pc, a reader review titled do not play this game this is where the bad things in this game start matchmaking (1/10): the matchmaking in this game is the worst in any game i've ever played.

Bad matchmaking world of tanks

Didn't they change wot matchmaking so this type of thing wouldn't it is bad enough in a cruiser dealing with a bb of equal tier but up tiered. Today, world of tanks developers meet up with russian community changes to preferential matchmaking premium vehicles won't be postponed anymore so it's like a spiral in which bad mm leads to even worse mm.

  • Custom built for xbox, world of tanks is cross-play enabled between xbox one and xbox 360 featuring realistic vehicles and environments, enabling players to pay2win,bad matchmaking trying to play high tier is going to thin your pocket as most players will only shoot gold at u and yeah i did not play alot on the xbox,.
  • Bad matchmaking pushing players to low tiers - posted in game discussion: i know with matchmaking being so bad and the latest update has.

In tier8 matchmaking puts you as food for bigger fishes as far as i understand the performance difference between tiers in wot i more and more think that the reason why t8 feels bad in mm lies not only in the top vs. World of warcraft arena world championship those of you saying a 50% win rate is a sign that the matchmaking is good and working are now would you care to address the actual topic instead of repeating the same nonsensical crap tanks and supports are a no go to 90% of the player base. Today, world of tanks developers meet up with russian community contributors and streamed a q&a where they talked about update 10, matchmaking, game balance, etc i've decided to split this information into several articles, each dedicated to a topic because the amount of information i've currently.

Bad matchmaking world of tanks
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